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A man is not where he lives, but where he loves.
Night is the mother of council.  
Nothing dries sooner than tears. 
If the wind will not serve, take to the oars.

Night is the mother of council.


Nothing dries sooner than tears. 


He who walks with the lame learns how to limp.
Who loves me loves my dog.
Hay is more acceptable to an ass than gold.
Fortune favors the bold, but abandons the timid.
Fashion is more powerful than any tyrant.
No gain is so certain as that which proceeds from the economical use of what you already have.
Glory is the shadow of virtue.
Make haste slowly.
He makes his home where the living is best.
A poor joke must invent its own laughter.
By learning you will teach, by teaching you will learn.
Beware the tyranny of the minority.
No matter her past, when a chambermaid marries a lord she becomes a lady.
Practice is the best master.
Believe nothing and be on your guard against everything.
Stupidity is a force unto itself.
Better late than never.

He alone is wise who can accommodate himself to all contingencies of life; but the fool contends, and struggling, like a swimmer, against the stream.


Those who are once found to be bad are presumed so forever.
He fishes well who uses a golden hook.


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